Welcome! I’m Katie.

I started Coastal Grain Designs in the fall of 2020 to resourcefully harness my knack for refinishing furniture during a time when, as a mom of two remote-learning ‘Corona Kids’, the prospect of working in a traditional setting just wasn’t feasible.

I’m the daughter of a talented, career carpenter and woodworker [my father] and the ultimate, vintage “treasure finder’ in antique malls and flea markets across the mid-Atlantic [my mother]. Smells of sawdust and wood stains are nostalgic for me. So, the satisfaction I gain by refinishing furniture and ‘reclaiming’ an outdated or worn, wood-grained surface runs deep. Some might even say I was born to do just this. That’s the ‘Grain’ part of all of this.

The ‘Coastal’ part of my designs is deep-rooted as well. I grew up on the beaches of the Jersey Shore each summer. Call it what you may: the coast, the shore, the beach, the seaside. It’s my happy place, it’s my home, it’s where I feel most authentically ‘me’. So my refinished pieces lend itself to that vibe – one that’s infused with saltwater and sand, seashells and driftwood, reeds and gulls.

For more Coastal Grain Designs and my turning-of-the-tides journey, follow me on Instagram @coastal.grain.designs. And you can check out my portfolio to view some of my work as well.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project, great! Just send me a message and I’ll be in touch.

Be well,

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